Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I am baa-aack :)

Hello again, Friends.

You may have noticed my nearly 3 year absence. I am still alive, obviously. Still treating with my same amazing doctor who is located about an 8 hour drive away. So, let's see... What happened in the last 3 years?
We will start with bullet points, and then hopefully I can update in more detail as I keep fighting.

  • I have been on antibiotics and similar meds since I began treatment. We have to rotate my cocktails so my body will continue to fight and not get too used to the same meds.
  • I no longer have Babesia. No more Mepron! That might be the best thing to report.
  • The Bart is most likely dead. Some of my pain comes from being getting to live to 31. I am learning to differentiate pain from the illness or pain from getting older and having endured sports injuries and the sort from being a kid.
  • I have Persistent Lyme. 
    • This means that I might have other infections too, but mostly that I have some serious work still to do.
  • My best friend and caregiver who also happens to be a talented playwright and actor and I decided that we need to share our experiences.
    • WE WROTE A PLAY!!!!
  • I will be checking in more often and I may transfer this blog to another site. 
I know that this is short for a 3 year catch up, but my hands still aren't the greatest. 

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