Sunday, February 16, 2014

What STILL needs to happen (In the next 2 weeks. Ahh!)

My last post was a list of what I needed to accomplish next. Well, some of it is done. I worked from the bullet points and added my updates and some more details. 

  • Meet with the neurologist again. 
    • DONE
  • Sign papers to get my records sent from neuro to LLMD 
    • DONE
  • Orchestrate with my new local doctor and my LLMD to ensure that I can safely have a PICC line so far from my LLMD
    • Still working on this one. It is really complicated and frustrating
  • Schedule and hold another LLMD appointment to figure our which meds will be IV and which can stay oral.
    • Appointments are scheduled, but I have a ton of paperwork and phone calls to complete in the next week and a half
  • There is a $530.66 bill (I got the day after Christmas) for the test that told me I don't have MS, Parkinson's, or ALS (yay!)
    • Raise $530.66 to pay for said bill. 
      • Done!
  • Figure out the Rx codes to see what insurance will and won't cover
    • I don't have codes per-say, but I do have lists of what I will need and I need to make sure that I can get the med supplies and medicine once the picc is placed. 
  • Order refills of current over the counter meds.
    • Raise $350 for that order to take place.
  • Raise money to go to LLMD twice and soon. $450 + travel expenses
  • Continue scoliosis treatment so I can sit and stand. And, oh man, it's tough.
  • I have 3-5 doctor related appointments weekly. 
  • Continue on Rx medications
  • Unless the PICC completely raises this cost it's about $100 per month.
    • Have enough money to pay for Rx meds. 
    • If the GoFundMe payment scares you, the Paypal fundraising email is
      • Thanks for any of your help!
  • Stay committed to finding a good diet that gets me what I need without making me sick
    • This has been really hard lately. My cravings are indescribable. 
  • Don't lose anymore weight
    • Very hard to do on a restricted diet
  • Keep a decent attitude
    • I am ok sometimes. I could use some more presence from friends, but I do understand that everyone is busy.
      • If you have my phone number and are thinking of me, please text me and let me know. This goes a long way to keep me going. :)
  • Revamp fundraising efforts- in case you were keeping track, the needs in this (updated) list costs me about $800 for March and doesn't even touch past costs. Future medical costs will be minimum of $100 a month for Rx to $400 when I go to the specialist.
Please continue to spread the word! I am grateful for everyone who helps. Thanks!

Hug your Lymie today! Just be gentle ;)

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