Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Morning phone calls

Weekday #1:
Get up before everything is open so I can be aware enough to conquer my world.
First call doctor.
No response

Next specialty pharmacies. Get 3 new numbers. Follow that lead for an hour only to be told that I have been misinformed and they cannot help me. 

Call medicare.
Find out that the end of previous trail wont work.
Get new numbers and websites to search for proper suppliers.
39 min

Call supplier medicare told me to. bust. only out of pocket unless the home health agency provides them.

Total: 2.5 hours chasing rabbit trails with nothing really accomplished

Afternoon was spent recovering.

Weekday #2:
This morning I woke up at 4 with strange and severe abdominal pain. I tried my best to go back to sleep. In the end, I got up and readied myself for more calls. I called the first doctor's nurse to double check what I really need to accomplish before my visit this coming Monday. I called when the office opened and left a message. Then I had to wait for a callback to know what the rest of my day/week/month will entail and what I will be able to accomplish. 
Finally she called back, but didn't know exactly what needed to be done. Said that we can discuss things next week, but that the doctor really needs to see me to know. 

I am waiting on flight information. I hope I can get there by plane. It is 1/4 the travel time. 

Also waiting on doctor here to schedule to speak with LLMD. I am exhausted. 

I hate waiting on others to ensure what I need to accomplish. This whole thing takes way to damn long. 

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