Monday, January 13, 2014

What's next?

This morning I wrote my statement of intent for my grad school application. One thousand words on the dot. It's been stirring in my head for 3 years. I cannot wait to actually apply. I am overwhelmed by what has to happen in the meantime. 

  • Meet with the neurologist again.
  • Sign papers to get my records sent from neuro to LLMD
  • Orchestrate with my new local doctor and my LLMD to ensure that I can safely have a PICC line so far from my LLMD
  • Schedule and hold another LLMD appointment to figure our which meds will be IV and which can stay oral.
  • Figure out the Rx codes to see what insurance will and won't cover
  • Order refills of current over the counter meds.
  • Raise $350 for that order to take place.
  • There is a $530.66 bill (I got the day after Christmas) for the test that told me I don't have MS, Parkinson's, or ALS (yay!)
  • Raise $530.66 to pay for said bill.
  • Raise money to go to LLMD twice and soon. $400 + travel expenses
  • Continue scoliosis treatment so I can sit and stand. And, oh man, it's tough.
  • I have 3-5 doctor related appointments weekly. 
  • Continue on Rx medications
  • Unless the PICC completely raises this cost it's about $100 per month.
  • Have enough money to pay for Rx meds. 
  • Stay committed to finding a good diet that gets me what I need without making me sick
  • Don't lose anymore weight
  • Keep a decent attitude
  • Revamp fundraising efforts- in case you were keeping track, the needs in this list costs me about $1,400 and doesn't even touch past costs. 
For the first time in a long time, I know I can win. I need to expand my circle of support and I need to raise money. My attitude is, mostly, ok and sometimes even hopeful. I am so stuck in forest. I am inside a tree. I can't even see that there are other trees. I know these steps will lead to another long list of things to do, but looking back, as my brother helped me do, I have already done so many lists and steps. I am making progress, it is just crazy difficult for me to see. 

If you want to help my cause, you can give money on PayPal to 
Or you can visit the fundraiser page which uses WePay at
All of this is on the blog already but it doesn't hurt to post again from time to time. 
There is really no donation too small. Whether or not you can give monetarily, please share my cause. Maybe someone out there (or lots of someones) can help me get where I need to be so I can get back to life and work and helping others instead of begging for help. 

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