Saturday, August 31, 2013

21 Day Fundraiser ($15 Awareness tees)

Real quick post. (But important.)

With the recent CDC announcement that their number of Lyme patients is underestimated by over 10 fold (putting the actual numbers over 300,000 in the US alone), I thought it might be nice to show people how common it truly is. Lymies, please consider declaring yourself the warrior you are! All proceeds go to help with my treatment. I will continue to do fundraisers after my treatment is done to help others cover the extreme costs of fighting for out lives against this horrible disease. 

Each of these is only $15. In order for me to get any money, 50 of each must be ordered in the next three weeks in order for me to qualify for assistance. Please help out not only me, but many others by spreading awareness. Thanks! Links to order are above each pic. 

Design Image

Design Image

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