Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Limited Time Fundraiser Sale

Today is hard, but good. One of my friends came over for breakfast. It always makes it easier to have someone around. This last year has been very chaotic for each of us, but we are working on making time for our friendship. This is good. I have needed people to be intentional about coming to me because I cannot go to them. I am an extrovert so I get energy from hanging out with people. On the flip side, I am a Lymie and EVERYTHING is draining. But today, I am good drained. So far anyway. It doesn't really do anything for the physical pain or the nausea, but it does help my mood. 

In case you missed out yesterday, another friend is holding a Pampered Chef Fundraiser for me. Click on the link. Shop for your amazing new kitchen toys. Who are we kidding? We all want all of it. Unless you don't know how to cook, in which case, get some supplies and cookbooks and learn :) This sale only lasts a week so please take a look. Orders must be in by 6/12. She will put 25% of all sales to my medical bills! How amazing is that? Thanks everyone! 

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