Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Day 8 Lyme Awareness

  1. Pelvic pain
  2. Testicular pain
  3. Irregular periods with no explanation
  4. Sexual disfunction
  5. Loss of libido
  6. Unexplained breast  milk production
  7. Unexplained breast pain
  8. Chest wall pain
  9. Bladder dysfunction/ Irritable bladder
  10. Vaginal yeast infections

  1. There is much debate about whether mother to fetus/baby can cause transmission
  2. Personally, I know several people who are positive to Lyme because their mothers were sick.
  3. I also know moms who were sick and lost babies through miscarriage or shortly after birth.
  4. Though there aren’t accepted studies, many patients find that their partners become infected. It is common to be cautious of sexual transmission.
  5. Just considering the Syphilis comparison alone, there is a valid argument for LD being sexually transmitted.
  6. Ticks are not the only bug that can transmit Bb. Any bug that consumes blood of more than one animal and can spread disease is a potential infector.
  7. Though, not in the Red Cross donation guidelines, most doctors, despite denying LD, will still not let us donate blood.
  8. Organ donation can infect the recipient.
  9. Some even speculate that Bb can be transmitted through saliva
  10. It is important to inspect yourself, your kids, and your pets thoroughly for ticks after being outside.

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