Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Day 5 Lyme Awareness

Severe neurological symptoms
  1. Not knowing where you are in your home
  2. Not knowing the faces of the ones you love most
  3. Not knowing the year
  4. Getting “stuck” (my term for forgetting where I am and what to do/how to get off the floor/out of the shower or wherever, but body won’t listen.) It’s as though your car suddenly switched to neutral when you were driving down the highway. You are hitting the gas, but nothing is happening.
  5. Presenting with a vocal change. You suddenly and without control develope an “accent” or seem to revert to a child’s speak. Grammar becomes hard. Word loss is strong.
  6. Switching between languages. (I guess this only works if you speak more than one. Sometimes I can only speak Spanish.) Aphasia
  7. Complete word loss. Sometimes I can’t form any words. Sam calls this banjo. I don’t know if there is a recording of it. He says I think I am talking but it’s just twangy sounds. I get very frustrated. Sometimes typing on my phone works. I know the words; they just don’t get to my mouth. Also aphasia.
  8. Beyond not knowing what year it is, totally losing time. I call this “jumping”. It is an alzheimer's symptom as well.
  9. Hallucinations. This is a big one. I will use 10 to help with this one too. Not only do I “see” things. Usually when this happens I see what I call fuzzies. Dark figures running on the floor. I thought Sam got me a bunny once and a dog once. The difference between Lyme hallucinations and psychotic hallucinations is that Lymies can tell that they aren’t real. Though they are still scary.
  10. Gustatory Hallucinations. These mean that our bodies reject food due to believing on a primal level that it is rotten. We will often vomit perfectly fresh food because our bodies reject it. I wouldn’t describe myself as picky, but I am often surprised by what my body won’t let me consume.


  1. Many because of negative tests, are not treated and live the rest of their lives suffering

  2. In 1981, when the bacteria was discovered, the only thing scientists knew what that it was shaped like Syphilis, but not who to treat it.

  3. Much of the information available on LD states that with about 4 week of antibiotics the patient will be fine.

  4. Lyme is hardly a rare disease.

  5. More common and more dangerous than West Nile Virus.

  6. CDC estimates of actual case numbers, known and unknown in 2008  were somewhere around 420,000.

  7. If these above number is correct, LD is more prevalent than AIDS.

  8. Places/doctors who treat LD and co infections are few and far between.

  9. They also often hard to find.

  10. Bodies become so delicate that finding proper treatment regimine differs from person to person based on what condition bodily systems are in. Immune system must be healthy.

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