Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Day 4 Lyme Awareness

  1. Localized, limited, inconsistent, and/or sudden paralysis of full body or a limb or two :)
  2. Neck problems. Stiff, crackling, constantly feeling like it needs to pop or be re-aligned.
  3. Cold sweats
  4. Poor circulation
  5. Freezing hands and feet
  6. Purple nail beds
  7. Hypersensitivity to input. Simple touch contact with a person or certain fabrics or temperatures can send you shooting through the roof in pain.
  8. Constant pain
  9. Migrating pain
  10. Stringy or balled up muscles on the “Fibromyalgia tender points”


  1. Doctors are taught by the ISDA what constitutes Lyme
  2. The ISDA guidelines aren't accurate.
  3. If doctors are taught anything about Lyme it is usually incorrect.
  4. Most of the time patients see dozens of doctors before they, the patient find that they have Lyme and how to get tested for Lyme
  5. CDC states that just a few weeks of antibiotics will cure LD and anything after is something else.
  6. The amount of pain we suffer is not necessarily seen on the outside.
  7. Patients are constantly dismissed by doctors who are baffled by what is happening.
  8. Many are told to never ask about Lyme again after a blood test. I was told to “drop it, it’s not lyme” after a negative ELISA blood test
  9. Doctors believe that the blood test and rash are the only proof of LD. People who believe this often treat LD patients like they are crazy or making it up for attention.
  10. Many patients are able to hide the symptoms they experience. I think it is because of #9 (Often after LD is too developed, this becomes harder or impossible.)

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