Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Day 15 Lyme Awareness


  1. Parkinson’s symptoms or diagnosis
  2. Encephalitis- swelling of the brain
  3. Swelling of eyes
  4. Charley horse. Anywhere, not just calf muscles
  5. Nervous system dysfunction/damage
  6. Organ swelling, damage, and/failure
  7. Thyroid disfunction
  8. Muscle weakness
  9. NEEDING to sit or lay down, sometimes without warning
  10. Weakened immune system


  1. Because so many doctors, by no fault of their own, have not been presented with the facts about LD,  many do not believe us.
  2. When we go to the ER we have to be careful about using the ‘L’ word.
  3. If we say the wrong thing to the wrong doctor, we are automatically dismissed as crazy.
  4. Even to share other diagnoses is hard sometimes. I have been told many times that I am too young to have Fibromyalgia. I was told by a primary, “You know you can’t have that right? That is only an old lady disease?”
  5. We learn not to share the LD dx and only the other syndromes in order to be treated for emergency problems.
  6. We are told by everyone, we are wrong, crazy, attention seeking, conspiracy theorists, hypochondriacs, etc
  7. We have to live with the physical illness and the isolation brought on by the miseducated masses, some being too righteous to help us. We lose what we thought were close and true friendships.
  8. Young LD patients often park in handicap spots (with placards or plates) and receive disdain and judgemental glares from others in the parking lot.
  9. Those who see the truth and reach out to help are often accused of being manipulated by LD patients and that they should stop helping.
  10. I often say that LD is the best Litmus test. With treatment, these horrible symptoms will begin to fade, and on the other side, we know who we are and which people are truly friends.

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