Sunday, May 12, 2013

May Day 12 Lyme Awareness


  1. Seizures
  2. Inflammation of brain
  3. Vocal paralysis
  4. General weakness
  5. Poor attention
  6. Short term memory loss
  7. Unexplained chills
  8. Increased allergies
  9. Stiff joints
  10. Stiff back


  1. Lyme can hide from the immune system and abx
  2. There is a protective film that Lyme can build.
  3. Biofilm keeps the immune system from finding the bugs, keeps the abx from killing the bugs, and explain why some have Lyme chronically.
  4. It takes years to track down all the ‘bugs’
  5. Long term abx usage is questioned. Yet, with a fatal infection, it is one of the only ways to help. (Some people use herbal abx and treatment)
  6. It is important while killing the bad bacteria to refill the good. A large dose of probiotics is necessary to keep the gut well.
  7. Lyme ‘bugs’ feed off of gluten and sugar. This is why one of the first things an LLMD will tell a patient is to cut gluten immediately.
  8. Candida (systemic yeast infection) can cause many problems similar to LD. It is also a side effect of long term antibiotic usage.
  9. To fight Candida, one must starve it. No yeast. Also, many are on a prescription called Nystatin to kill it.
  10. Cutting gluten and sugar and yeast all creates withdrawal symptoms. Cravings come from the bugs. Our bodies, on their behalf, are addicted to these foods.
PS Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommas!

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