Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Day 11 Lyme Awareness

We break from our regularly scheduled programming to give an update. 
I seriously need help raising funds. Please, please, please continue to spread the word. I will only be able to treat if I can get the medicine. Take a look at the "Fundraiser" tab; it lists all my expenses. If you are uncomfortable with that one, try out the "Rewarding Way to Help". 50% of all sales go towards my treatment. 
Also, there are lots of changes to the "Detox" tab. 
Aaand, a personal update: things are continuing to decline. My brain is doing it's best, but the stupid bugs are taking over. My neuro is as bad as I can remember it. I am beginning to lose. I will fight to the end, but let's hope that end is after successful treatment. Please consider giving even if just a buck or two. Thanks, and I hope you are finding these May posts educational. 
And now we return you to your regularly scheduled program:


  1. Mood swings
  2. Irritability
  3. Delusions
  4. Paranoia
  5. Bipolar symptoms
  6. Suicidal thoughts
  7. Personality changes
  8. Difficulty multi-tasking
  9. Autism  (common misdiagnosis)
  10. Over emotional reactions


  1. Neurological Lyme Disease is late stage and can cause the patient to decline overnight
  2. Often psychosomatic medications are used to “treat” neuro symptoms. They have caused me horrible side effects
  3. Neuro patients often can’t control their own bodies.
  4. The emotional impact proves too much for familial relationships and romantic relations too often due to lack of outside support.
  5. Caregivers are often people who should be able to play a different role; significant others, friends, parent, child. Those relationships are often put on hold to help the patient treat or just to stay alive.
  6. When caregivers, need to escape for a bit, it is very hard on the patient. I know, personally, I resent others from time to time for them being able to leave me and pretend Lyme doesn’t exist. We must constantly feel/live it.
  7. LD has caused many breakups, divorces and estrangements.
  8. Isolation and feeling left by communities is a huge problem for people with Lyme, yet we are told we do this for attention.
  9. It is very very hard to find a trained doctor to treat. People die waiting for treatment or find it too late.
  10. Suicide is very prevalent. The physical and emotional suffering is horrendous.

(Also, Under Our Skin is available through the link on the right of the page. Only for the month of May it is buy one get one sale.)

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