Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day 1 of Awareness

Lyme Symptoms
  1. Extreme fatigue, always tired, low stamina
  2. Muscle pain and cramping
  3. Joint pain
  4. Back pain
  5. Headaches, migraines
  6. Tremors, twitching
  7. Loss of memory, difficulty thinking and processing thoughts
  8. Vision changes (inconstantly), photophobia
  9. Hearing problems: hypersensitivity, buzzing, ringing, loss of hearing
  10. Balance problems. Falling often or running into things
Lyme Facts
  1. Lyme is a bacteria shaped like a corkscrew (it has 2 other forms I will discuss later). This shape of bacterium is called spirochete.
  2. Syphilis is also a spirochete form
  3. Spirochetes can drill into tissue easily. For this reason, Lyme is hard to find in the blood.
  4. Many of the neurological symptoms of Lyme mirror neurological symptoms of Syphilis.
  5. Lyme can lay dormant in a body for any amount of time. Often physical or emotional trauma will cause the bodies natural defenses to relax letting Lyme finally over power the body. 
  6. Many sources say incorrectly that the only sure sign you're infected is with a bulls-eye rash at the tick bite site
  7. (Maybe this should have been #1) Lyme is a tick-borne illness. 
  8. Though not proven though studies, many believe that Lyme can be transmitted through bodily fluid transfer. Sexually and even from mother to baby within the womb. (No donating blood or organs for this reason.)
  9. Lyme likes to hide out and build its numbers in large joints. This is why many complain of sore knees. (One of my first symptoms. I was in elementary school.) Also, sore knees is how Lyme was discovered, but more about that later. 
  10. The US government won't recognized positive test results in most state. This does not mean that these areas are Lyme free. Ticks attach to warm blooded animals. Birds and other animals fly over state lines. And humans, obviously travel. I got bit and infected in my childhood neighborhood in suburban Missouri. 

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