Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ER visit number... x

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen that I went into the ER last night. I arrived around 8. I had spend the previous 3 or so hours doubled over and whining/crying. That weird mix that happens when you fight the tears. My LLMD told me he was worried about my appendix. If I was doubled over in pain to go to an ER and demand a surgeon feel my guts. 

Well by about 11, I had a room. And a 3rd year med student who was baffled that I refused pain meds when I was still doubled over. By doubled over, I mean curled up in a ball on the stupid foam bed. He wanted to give me something for the nausea. Knowing that was a side effect of the pain, I refused. I told him that I wanted to know what I felt while being examined. He left to get his "boss".  I know I didn't go to med school, but has our complete system become a throw-a-drug-at-it-and-send-you-home? When did they stop teaching med students to look for the cause? 

I was home by 3. AM. No blood work done. No CT. Just an ultra sound. And finally a referral to an internist (important for more referrals to an audiologist and a few others) and a GI. They are convinced its a GI issue. It might be, but I think they are trying to scare me from continuing to seek the route of my appendix by throwing the idea of unpleasant procedures at me. I will wait and see what the LLMD has to say first. 

It's just so incredibly frustrating not being able to say, "Oh this rash, yeah that's from Lyme and Cos, not really the thing to focus on so please find out what is happening in my gut." The moment you say the L word you are discounted as crazy. Really, it's not the doctors fault, that's what they are taught. But at what point did doctors stop being curious about causes and only wanting to put band-aids on pain and other symptoms. It doesn't help fix the problem. I almost never take pain pills. I have a script for all of them. I hate the way they make me feel. I would rather feel the pain and know where a problem is then be numb to the pain and everything else in my world. 

This morning, I am doing the same pill routine and the pain has either decreased or I have grown numb to it. This afternoon I am getting my hair cut off. Shorter than ever before. I am kind of excited. Fixing it takes up so much energy and my shoulders can only handle so much. Maybe I will post some pictures. We will have to see if I love it. 

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