Monday, April 8, 2013


Yesterday I set out to write a post about getting moving in the morning. I just finished it. 

This is what my Sunday morning looked like. I barely got it all together before getting back into bed. (I am loving my lap desk by the way.) I made it just in time. While trying to drink the juice I could barely hold my head up. It took me an hour and a half to choke down the juice and pills. I haven't even been able to touch the muffin. My throat treated the pills like little invaders. I have to let it calm down. 

Good news is that I am in a pretty good mood. Listening to Pandora is usually a toss up for me. Sometimes the playlist is not at all what I want. Today however, it is nearly perfect. 

Usual breakfast. GF strawberry muffin, Naked juice, coffee, pills and a gallon  of  water with which to swallow them. 

I was pretty hopeful that the day would turn out ok. I supposed overall it did. Once I got everything up there downed. It took about 2 hours and and several episodes of passing out later, I had completed the breakfast portion of food and pills. 

Sam and I watched the lasted Doctor Who episode and the two episodes surrounding the regen from 2 into 3. 

Today, though has been more difficult. At 2 pm, I am still working on the my breakfast pills. I called several labs, trying to find the best pricing on the 12 tests my LLMD ordered. And, man, staying alive is costly! I am looking at $1,200 just for the tests. They are necessary. He knows I am working with a limited budget and told me which ones were most necessary. However, getting them all done will allow for a more comprehensive and intelligent treatment. After I learned the cost for just the tests, I cried for 2 hours. Still don't know what I am going to do to get the tests. I hope the fundraising picks up. 

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