Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Well, I survived my first big holiday during treatment: Thanksgiving, otherwise known as National Lymie Cheat day. I ate all the food I wanted to eat. Then I got a great big stomach ache. And then I got a great big neuro herx. I am back to my Lyme diet (and will not be cheating any time soon) and waiting for the hallucinations to stop. I honestly can't remember if I have shared about them before. They were one of the first bad neuro symptoms to pop up this last summer after I had a round of doxy for normal infection.

It is commonly accepted in the Lyme community that if you herx on abx, it is confirmation of borrelia. That is what ultimately lead to my blood tests and dx.

Anyway, I don't have tons to share right now. Still trucking. Still fighting the powers that be for assistance to keep fighting. My anxiety and visual hallucinations are more obnoxious right now then scary, at least for me, and only after the fact. In the moment of course, they are utterly terrifying. Some day when I have more energy, I will share more of the neuro Lyme experience.

Ok so what lead me to write today was a site called Lyme Spouse for the support of, obviously, Lyme spouses. I browsed it. It seems like good info for anyone living with a Lyme, married or not. It is a site that hopes to grow. I hope that those who live and love with Lymies are able to get some support from an understanding community.

Lyme is one of the quickest Litmus tests for people and relationships. It's unfortunate that it has been forced on us, but we are lucky. We get to know who truly loves us. Those bonds grow in strength and depth. I have never been on the healthy side of a Lymie relationship (I include all kinds: romantic, familial, and friendship) so I can only imagine how hard it must be to watch someone you love suffer and not being able to fix or heal the illness. Caretakers are often told to drop their Lymies. That someone else should be doing the caring. That they should be institutionalized or moved into what are actually emotionally unsafe environments with a relative who doesn't believe in Lyme or treatment. These actions would hinder treatment so very much.

So to those who fight with us and keep us alive so we can fight another day, thank you! You are not alone. Others understand. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Trust me. 

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