Sunday, October 21, 2012

For the last few days I have been pondering what might make a good post. My mission is to share what this disease and treatment are like. The problem this week is that nothing new has happened (that I remember). I did move. Everyone knows how hard that is. It seemed impossible to figure out what was flaring due to the moving or the rain or the season change or treatment.
Today, now that things have settled down a bit, I have started to rebuild my supplements back into my routine. I got a new phone app that allows input and reminders for all ones medications. Holy cow. It goes off every 1-2 hours. I knew I had many medications, but when I actually have reminders to take them, I feel like I finally choke one dose down and then the phone beeps at me again.
I have finally accepted that killing these bugs is my full time job. The doctors appointments and phone calls to argue with "healthcare" organizations (quotes indicate how they don't assist with health or care) feel like a second full time job.
I am becoming more and more accustomed to my new diet and hate it less than when I started. That's not to say that I don't want bread and rolls and bagels and pretzels and doughnuts... Well, you get the point. Gluten is yummy.

Oh, I did just remember some odd things this week. My hands and feet have been worse than ever. It makes  doing anything excruciating. There is no hyperbole there. I was actually crying out to no one (or Sam when he was home) for help or relief. Of course, I remember this while typing. I kept thinking, "Wow, this really hurts. What the crap?" Ok and with that, I must leave you all to your own Sundays. Enjoy!

PS That amazing K-State Wildcat win yesterday made me one very happy girl. Thank God for football, otherwise I would surely lose my mind.

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