Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'll get by with a little help from my friends

Except that it's not a little, it's HUGE. Every little bit of love and assistance means soooo stinking much to me.

We have been running a fundraiser for the past week. I am amazed with all the love and support I have received. We are nearly half way to our goal with a week left!

On of my favorite professors, and for that matter, humans, has been an extraordinary source of help and comfort. He likened my story to the end of Les Mis. Saying that I am in the sewers, the most disgusting part of my journey, but at the end, I will have light again. He put it much more eloquently, as he usually does, and this Lymie brain is having a hard time not switching over to Spanish. The Thespian in me somehow connected with that more than any other metaphor I have heard. Today has been filled with trying to get the debts from this summer settled while listening to the soundtrack to Les Mis.

Also, I finally got the antibiotics! Today is the day. I am a bit scared of what is to come, but I promise to keep fighting. Now I must attempt to eat so I can take the meds.

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