Friday, August 31, 2012

The Beginning

This week begins my treatment for Borreliosis. The little buggers have been trying to kill me for a very long time. Now I know how to fight back. I finally got a diagnosis and am receiving help from my community to start my care. On top of the 20 + pills a day, I will have to completely overhaul my eating habits and begin a good consistent detox. I know it sounds a bit like voodoo or new-age-y crap. I thought so too. But when you are killing bacteria, their corpses gotta go somewhere. When you are killing them quickly, the liver has a hard time keeping up.

I plan on posting my progress and the tricks and tips I learn along the way. I am not sure yet what all this will entail, but, hey, that's what adventures are good for. I am excited to get to know who I am without the bugs. I have had them since (we think) second or third grade. They affect nearly everything. Imagine, if you please, the last time you had the flu. Remember the aches in your muscles? The constant nausea? Trying so hard to keep food down because you need calories? Remember the fever, how cold and/or sweaty you were? Add in a migraine. Add anxiety over... everything. That is the simple explanation of how I feel from day to day.  This fight is to win my life. I honestly do not remember what it is like not to be in excruciating pain each day.

This is not about complaining. This is about awareness. Not only about Lyme, but about who I am in spite of the illness and what we can learn in the process. Life is about growth and enjoyment. I intend to have both. I am a very creative person. If I am not creating, I become depressed. No more. I will put this to good use.  There will be hard days and weeks. Hopefully I am ready.

Expect recipes (gluten, sugar and dairy free of course), crafts, cleaning ideas, good books, detox ideas, facts about Lyme, and the healthy little girl I once was revealing herself once again.

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